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Functional Medicine Certification from a Mindfulness Based Perspective

Want to learn more about how to engage with a school of functional medicine? Want to get your functional medicine certification? Believe in the importance of incorporating mindfulness into the clinical practice?  Learn more by watching our video below!

Our Mission

To empower practitioners with clinical excellence through honing diagnostic skills, treatment protocols, and comprehensive education from a functional medicine and mindfulness-based perspective. To provide researched & comprehensive approaches to natural, integrative, and preventative medicine that is evidence-based & delivers results. To teach clinical communication skills for working with clients in ways that promote their taking an active role in their health by implementing recommendations and following protocols with enthusiasm and understanding. To train clinicians about how to practice integrative medicine in a way that addresses both body and mind. All of this, we do through our functional medicine from a mindfulness-based perspective training programs. To teach practitioners how to become a functional medicine doctors and to receive a functional medicine certification.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is for practitioner education in functional medicine as well as for a functional medicine certification. If you are not looking for clinical skills, please visit our website for the public at: http://LivingLoveCommunity.com

Clinical Trainings in Functional Medicine for Practitioners & Students

​Mindfulness Medicine Foundations E-Course (​MMFC) Training
Functional Medicine Certification
  • 8-Week training with 12+ hours of information-packed video content
  • Learn from Dr. Diane Mueller & Dr. Miles Nichols
  • Learn to integrate functional medicine and mindfulness based approach into your practice
  • Explore root causes behind dysfunction in each body system
  • Examine the pathophysiology of common root cause imbalances
  • Review research backed treatment strategies for foundational health of each body system
  • Understand how mindfulness practice is directly related to overall health
  • Learn the practitioner skills necessary to critically think about any condition and how to be a functional medicine doctor
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Intensive E-Course Training
  • 4-Week training with 5+ hours of information-packed video content
  • Learn from 3 great teachers: Dr. Diane Mueller, Dr. Miles Nichols, & Tom Fabian
  • Learn the latest in breath testing and how to interpret lab results
  • Review researched treatment strategies, both natural and conventional options
  • Explore root causes behind why and how bacteria overgrow in the Small Bowel
  • Understand mechanisms of action for how SIBO comes back & why recurrence rates are so high. Learn ideas about how to better prevent recurrence.
  • Learn about how to repair damage from SIBO and restore a healthy microbiota
Mindfulness Medicine Certification Program (MMCP) and Mentorship
  • Yearlong school of functional medicine
  • The best of functional medicine + mindfulness for a mind-body approach
  • Learn functional medicine lab testing for identifying major root causes
  • Covers research-based supplement / lifestyle / diet / mindfulness protocols
  • Modules: gut, adrenals and HPA axis, reproductive hormones, clinical communications, liver detoxification and toxic burden, and cardio-metabolic
  • Textbooks of functional medicine
  • Experiential mindfulness classes for cultivation as a practitioner + ability to train and teach clients / patients to resolve mind root causes of chronic illness
  • Q&A video conferences, private discussion group, SIBO course, & much more...
  • Functional Medicine Certification

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