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Training Clinicians in the Next Evolution of Functional Medicine

Healthcare providers today are facing a challenge: how to reliably reverse complex chronic disease and make a healthy living doing it. We've seen too many clinicians struggle with their private practices and many burn themselves out.

Our functional medicine training programs are designed to help clinicians reverse complex chronic disease and prevent burnout with mindfulness. If you are a clinician and your practice is not where you want it to be, book a complimentary coaching call today.

Step by Step Training for Reversing Complex Chronic Illness

Before your course I would have been intimidated by clients like this, but now I feel like I know what to do! 

- Nicola Schuler MNT

What Happens on the Coaching Call?

The coaching call is your time. We set aside 30 minutes to answer any questions about functional medicine including lab testing, interpretation, treatment, mindfulness and prevention. We also will answer questions you have about functional medicine training, our approach or any business related questions. We do ask that you keep your appointment or if you do cancel to give us 24 hours notice. We give these calls away for free but our general rates are $1000/hour for clinical coaching calls. Please respect our time!

Functional Medicine Certification

Get a better understanding of how to diagnose and treat chronic conditions.

Institute of Functional Medicine

Build a Profitable and more sustainable business model.

Functional Medicine Certification

Become part of the movement of clinicians working to end chronic disease

Discover how our functional medicine training has helped other clinicians just like you. Watch the video below.

"I have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise  in the functional medicine training. It is very thorough in teaching the mechanism of action for therapies. I have gained a lot of valuable and usable clinical information from taking this course, and I recommend it to others"

- Dr. Francesca Quinn

“I highly recommend Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles practitioner functional medicine continuing education courses.  Each module brings more knowledge and clinical insights that I can easily bring in my practice. I look forward to continuing my education with them.”

- Colleen Walsh Nutritionist

Consisting of biochemistry with tangible lessons on lab testing, supplement protocols, diet and exercise these classes are a must for any practitioner working with clients that live in today’s modern world" 

-Jen Marshall Nutritionist

Would you like a free coaching call focused on what you need to take your clinical skills and/or business to the next level?

For information about our advanced functional medicine program: Advanced Functional Medicine Training

For information about our foundations functional medicine training: Foundations Functional Medicine Training

PLEASE NOTE: This site is for practitioner education in functional medicine as well as for a functional medicine certification. If you are not looking for clinical skills, please visit our website for the public at: http://LivingLoveCommunity.com